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Tap Dance Classes in Melbourne 

It's been a brilliant start to Term 4 and I'm very proud of all the excellent tapping I'm seeing from my students.

Most classes are now closed to new students for 2022, with the exception of the Daytime Absolute Beginner Class (Low Impact/Gentle) running on Wednesday mornings 10:30am. Students are able to attend this as a casual class (rather than as an 11-week course) and you can book in using the Aqtiv app or by emailing Miss Caroline.  This class is perfect for seniors.


If you've been thinking about starting tap but haven't quite gotten around to booking yourself in, then I hope 2023 will be the year you join us and experience the fun. Be sure to send in an enrolment form so you can be first to hear about the 2023 schedule.

Don't forget, if you're looking for some dance-y (but not tap) fitness, check out the Legs-11 page!
Thursday 10am classes are specifically designed for Over-55s, with a tailored playlist and low-impact easy-to-remember moves.
• Sundays 5pm have a fun playlist suitable for Gen X-ers -and all the following Gens- and are high energy fun! Book via Aqtiv.


If you've been thinking about learning tap, then get in touch!! Tap is great for co-ordination, memory, fitness, mindfulness, feel-good endorphins, balance ... everything!! Please join us, we have so much fun.

  • For timetables / term dates check out the Class Timetable page.

  • For adult-specific class information and FAQ, check out the Adult Info & FAQ page.

  • For child-specific class information and FAQ, check out the Tap Classes for Kids page.

  • To join tap classes, send an obligation-free enrolment form & Miss Caroline will email you with details.

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Miss Caroline also runs (non-tap)

Dance Fitness Classes.

Click the Legs-11 logo for more info.


At Miss Caroline Tap Dance you’ll find classes to suit grown-ups and children of all ages, sizes and abilities.  We have classes for absolute beginners through to advanced, and classes for pre-schoolers right through to retirees.  If you would like to be part of the tapping fun, you can call the Tap-phone 0439 445 280 or Tap-mail Miss Caroline or fill out an obligation-free Enrolment Form  |KIDS| or |ADULTS|. Discover the joys and benefits of tap-dancing with Miss Caroline Tap Dance – it’s great for fitness, fun and mental health!  And remember, tap-dancing is as much fun as it looks!

To learn more about our Kidtap classes, click here. The Kidtap Timetable is
here , so if you have a child who's keen to learn with us, submit the Kidtap Enrolment Form.