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Miss Caroline Tap Dance is the perfect school for people who are scared of performing and for those who love it! Everyone has a good time at our shows, including the audience.  Both kids and adults get to show off their tap-dancing skills each year, but our approach to performing is different to most dance schools. Our performances are designed to be non-stressful for all involved. No long hours of dress rehearsals, no huge bills for costuming, no make-up on children (the grown-ups can wear it if they want!). We have separate shows for the kids and adults. The shows are a chance to see what everyone has learned, in a fun and supportive environment.


You can see from the faces in the photographs that everyone has a good time! Even the nervous adult students!  The Grown-ups' show  is more like a Christmas party, with food and drink afterwards. First-timers are usually apprehensive, but they're all keen to strut their stuff again the next time round.


As for the kids, well, along with their terrific end-of-year show - where they often get to showcase acting skills as well as dancing skills - the tapkids are also regular performers at local fetes and fairs. These outdoor gigs are a smash hit with the highly appreciative audiences. The kids draw a huge crowd and everyone has a blast. The tapkids do a fantastic job every time, dancing not just with skill but with joy and enthusiasm.  They make their families (and their tap teacher) incredibly proud.


For a full list of where you might have seen performances featuring Miss Caroline and her students, check the About Page and if you visit the Gallery page you can click through for the stories behind the pictures


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