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Dance for Seniors

The Seniors Tap Classes are tailored for people who want to learn the wonderful art of tapdancing but who might need a low-impact, slower paced class. Everyone is welcome to join us.  Tap-dancing is enormous fun, a great workout for your brain and body, and an excellent dance form for adult beginners. You’ll surprise yourself with what you can do.  My classes are dynamic and encouraging, with plenty of help and repetition where required! We work with fun music, and by the end of the term you’ll know a full tap-dance routine.


 The classes are held in North Fitzroy and I currently offer:


  • a COMPLETE BEGINNER level class on Wednesday mornings at 10:30am

  • an EXPERIENCED TAPPER  class on Mondays at 6pm.

  • an EXPERIENCED TAPPER  class on Wednesday mornings at 9:30am. (this class is not only for seniors but it runs at a pretty gentle pace)


The classes run during school term-time and the new term starts on 2nd October 2023. We have a break over Christmas and January, and kick off again on January 29th, 2024


Currently the cost is $20 per class, plus an annual insurance levy of $10


I have a great selection of tap-shoes available to borrow so you don’t need to buy your own at first (but some people can’t wait and I totally get that!  I can help with tap-shoe advice if required). 




Start date: WEDNESDAY 4th October (Term runs for 10 weeks, final class 6th December)

Class Time : WEDNESDAY 10:30am


Start date: MONDAY 2nd October (Term runs for 10 weeks, final class 4th December)

Class Time : MONDAY 6:00pm


Payment Options

You can pay by cash or direct debit

If you wish to pay upfront for the term, the cost is $210 (10 classes at $20 plus $10 annual insurance levy)

If you wish to pay casually the price is $25 per class, plus the $10 annual insurance levy


Just fill in this form if you’d like to join. It really is fun!  



Don't forget our other fun and fabulous class for Senior Women: Legs-11. This class uses dance moves in a follow along format, no skills or memory required, just come and move & groove with us. It's a great all-over workout for your brain and body and you'll love the music.  Only $15, held every Thursday 10am at Shebang Studios in Northcote

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