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Are you ready to dip your toe into tap? Welcome to the Absolute Beginner Course.

Over 10 weeks Miss Caroline introduces you to the basics of tap-dance, including learning some super-fun choregraphy.




The classes are held at 220 High St PRESTON, in the Back Hall, Bridge Darebin,


FIRST CLASS Thursday 18th July 2024. This is a 10-week series and the final class is Thursday 19th Sept.

You must join the class at the BEGINNING of the term. No new enrolments accepted after Week 3 (Thurs 1st August) This is because the classes have a 10-week course structure and every week we build on what we learned the week before.


I have a great selection of tap-shoes available to borrow so you don’t need to buy your own at first (but some people can’t wait and I totally get that!  I can help with tap-shoe advice if required). 

Your first class costs $30, which includes the initial enrolment/insurance fee of $5.  Subsequent classes are $25 each.

To enrol, book here.

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