Tap Classes for Kids

All Kid Tap Classes are gender-neutral, and all dances and music are age-appropriate. There are no exams or uniforms. Any performances that the children participate in are low-key and low-stress, with minimal costume demands and definitely no make-up!  We have some tap shoes available to borrow. You have the option of term or casual payments.  Send a Tap-mail or fill out an Enrolment Form or call the Tap-phone 0439 445 280 to get started.

Junior Classes (school-age children only)

JUNIOR CLASSES (45 minutes) Term 4 (8 wk) : $144.00 or $22 casual

Sat 8.15 - 9.00am : Flappers ages 5+, Beginners Level 1

The Junior Kids' Classes are all about making dance FUN!! Each week we build on a set of tap-skills in a non-competitive, encouraging environment. Children practice their technique in groups and as individuals, without pressure. The class is balanced to include activities that engage boys as well as girls. We finish each class with fun tap routines, a great hit with the watching families.



TINY TAPPER CLASSES (30 mins) Term 4 (8 wk) : $90 or $12 casual
Tues 9.30 - 10.00am : Tiny Tappers ages 3-5, pre-school.

In the Tiny Tapper Classes we use play-based learning to impart tap skills to pre-school aged children. Using imagination, story-telling and fun music, the children are guided through basic tap and rhythm technique. 

Pre-school Tap Dance Classes Melbourne

Senior Classes

SENIOR CLASSES (60 mins) Term 4 (8 wks) : $160.00 or $25 casual

Sat 9am - 10am : Gliders ages 8+, Senior, Level 1

Sat 10am - 11am : Shufflers ages 10+, Senior, Level 2

Sat 11am - 12pm : Timesteppers ages 11+, Senior, Level 3
Sat 12p
m - 1pm : Groovers ages 13+, Year7+, Advanced, Level 4


The Senior Kids' Classes are still about enjoying dance but at this stage they are ready to start learning more complex tap technique. Tap staples such as flaps and shuffles are the basic drills, then we delve into more challenging steps such as time-steps, wings and pickups. Their tap routines are also more complicated and introduce performance elements.